Englishtown Update

After almost 9 years with Englishtown, becoming one of the most senior teachers, mentoring other teachers, and being the Group Leader for all of the N. America teachers - I find it is time for me to leave.  This was difficult for me because I have developed many friendships between the teachers, Shanghai staff, and especially all of the great students I've had a chance to get to know over the years.  I have visited the ET/EF Mega Center in Shanghai several times.  I have visited and met MANY students as well as have many visit me here in Hawaii.  OK, why did I leave?  I found I could no longer support all of the things that were taking place at Etown.  See below:

1.  Pay cuts:

    a.  Several teachers were cut 5% - 25%
    b.  Number of assigned classes were cut
    c.  Number of writing corrections per hour was   
    d.  Several other issues.

2.  Price raised:

    Students in some areas were hit with
    subscription price increase during these hard
    economic times.

3.  Services reduced:
    a.  Max number of students in conversation
        classes was increased from 8 to 10.
    b.  Upgrading the conversation classroom causing
    many students to NOT be able to attend a class.
    c.  Other various services limited.

4.  The final issue that caused me to leave:

    We, the teachers, were forced to accept a new manager who in my opinion was totally unqualified to accept the responsibility of managing and supporting the contract teachers.  She has demonstrated a total lack of management ability, has no people skills, and seems to be spineless when it comes to representing the teachers to upper management.  I was required to give her my full support which I simply could not do - so, I left!

Just because I am no longer with Etown, please do not let this interfere with our continued friendship.  Keep in touch ! ! !




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