My Person Biography

Many of my students ask so many questions about me; so, I have created this short biography outlining where I have lived, places I have visited, my education/training, and the jobs I've held.   
Where I have lived (USA):

I was born in Madison, Wisconsin
Other US states I lived in are: 
Texas x 1 year
Florida x 1 year
Illinois x 1 year
California x 10 years
and Honolulu Hawaii x 7 years.

Internationally I have lived in:
Thailand x 3 years
Germany x 2 years
Korea x 3 years
Singapore x 1 year
Malaysia x 1 year
Taiwan x 1 year
China x 3 years

Places I've visited:

Everyone of the 50 US States
Canada                    Sweden
Mexico                    Norway
Belize                      Switzerland
Honduras                Austria
England                   Lichtenstein
France                    Italy
Belgium                  Slovenia
Luxemburg             Croatia
Holland                  San Marino
Denmark                Vatican
Monte Carlo          Andorra
Portugal                  Gibraltar
Morocco                Greece
Spain                     Japan
North Korea          Laos
Indonesia               Vietnam
Philippines             Brunei
Sri Lanka              Australia
Hong Kong           Kingdom of Hawaii
Tibet                     Macau
Burma                  Cambodia


AS   Biomedical Engineering
BS    Psychology
MS   International Marketing
MA   Education
PhD   Philosophy

Microsoft Master Instructor
English Certificate, U C Berkeley
TEFL Certificate
Private Pilot License
Plus dozens of specialized courses

Work experience:

U S Government x 20 years
Part time English tutoring x 20+ years
Teaching ESL - Private College
Teaching ESL - U C Berkeley, CA
Teaching Computers-Business College
Contract Internet Teacher x 8+ yrs
 US Director, Chinese Language School
 Internet Marketing

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