Some good Web sites I'd Recommend

  Below I have provided links to some of the sites I hope will be of interest to you.  
         ●  Step Into China
     ●  English Proficiency Certification
     ●  University Degree Programs for Anyone
     ●  English Language Learning Resources
     ●  Some other good resources




Step Into China
Huayi Chinese Language School
Qingdao, China
Huayi Chinese Language School
is a well established learning institution located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.  They are fully licensed by the Chinese Government and provide, what I think is, the best possible learning experience and environment for people who need to learn Mandarin Chinese language.

Click Here to Visit Their Site



English Proficiency Certification


  Founded in 1970 as a department of Atlantic Pacific University, First English provides an Internationally accepted Certificate in English Language Proficiency.  You can test in the areas of your choice; reading, writing, listening, speaking, and the newly added Business English test and be certified in those areas.

We all know how important it is to be able to communicate in English.  It's equally important to be able to prove your English ability.  First English gives you several documents that will allow you to show your English proficiency even before anyone sees you.

Currently, First English is offering a promotion - you can test via the Internet, in any or all of the areas you want, get the full document package, and free shipping worldwide for one low price.

To visit the First English Web site and find out about this great opportunity to get your English Certification, click the link below:

Visit First English Now



University Degree Programs for Anyone


  Atlantic Pacific University has been around since 1950 providing educational and degree programs.  Have you ever asked yourself:  How can I get a fully accredited university degree based on the knowledge you already have?  Atlantic Pacific University can be your answer to that question.  Most universities have programs that will recognize the knowledge you have gained outside the traditional university environment.  Many of them have various ways of recognizing some of the gained knowledge, but Atlantic Pacific University is one of the few universities that will recognize, and give you credit, for all of that knowledge.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to receive the university degree that you may have already earned from your work and real life experiences.

To visit the Atlantic Pacific University Web site and find out how quickly and easily you may be able to receive the fully accredited university degree that you may have already earn, click the link below:

Visit Atlantic Pacific University Now



English Language Learning Resources


Just updated with lots of new

APe-books has some great e-books covering various topics.  There's a section on Language Learning, many other categories with all kids of good stuff, and then there's my favorite section - the travel section where you can find my two books on Hawaii as well as some other Hawaii travel books.  The best thing here, is that all of the books are free except for a small charge to cover the electronic production of the books.
Visit APe-books now



Dave's ESL Cafe is a wonderful site for English learners as well as English teachers.  Dave Sperling is a personal friend and he has spent many hours (years) developing this Internet meeting place for ESL & EFL teachers & students from around the world.  There are many resources, forums, and just good information about English language learning.
Visit Dave's ESL Cafe now


There's one program I'd would like to endorse for English language learning that is available over the Internet either as a downloadable product or in CD sets.  There are a wide variety of products for learning English, TOEFL, TOEIC, and their new Accent Reduction Series.


Some other good resources

     Web Hosting

These are a few of Web hosting services that I can recommend.  I use both of these hosts and have had no problems with their customer service and I've personally seen no down time with either of them.




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